Current Projects


The Copper Ore project includes recovering a cargo ship that sunk in a 1924 hurricane off the coast of the eastern United States. The ship rests in 120 feet of water and contains high grade copper ore.

Our team created the “Orasauraus” which is used to efficiently extract the copper ore from the depths of the ocean and deliver it safely to the deck of the Aqua Quest.


We have obtained exclusive rights to recover some of the worlds rarest wood, Old Growth Genuine Mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla) and other sunken tropical hardwoods.

Currently Genuine Mahogany is a protected species and cutting new Genuine Mahogany logs is prohibited. We are pleased to be able to offer this beautiful rare wood that has rested quietly on the riverbed floors as another form of sunken treasure.

We are working together with local municipalities providing a generous profit share and humanitarian effort to help create  healthy and sustainable living for the community.

The Brooklyn

The Brooklyn is our code name for a coastal trading ship sunk off the mid-Atlantic coast. It is conservatively estimated to hold $171 million in specie and gold coins.  We are gearing up to work on this project this Summer as weather conditions improve.