Revolutionizing the art of recovering
archaeological treasure and humanitarianism.

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Our company specializes in archaeological recovery, ocean research and exploration, archaeological diving education with a certification program, and humanitarian community building.

The Aqua Quest highly skilled and trained team, salvages history buried beneath oceans, rivers, or any other body of water with a respect to the environment, culture, and archeology of each project.

Our world class team includes some of the top archeologists, historians side scan sonar specialists, archivists, and divers in the world. Respect to the environment and humanitarianism is a priority at Aqua Quest International, Inc.

Each of our projects include the top researchers and consultants in the world to assure the preservation of each project.

Our humanitarian efforts include hiring locals within the communities of our projects teaching and training them new skills to work safely in our project environment. Giving back to local communities is built into our business model.

Community profit share and setting up programs for injured and or crippled individuals due to improper dive training are taught new workforce skills.

​We invite you to explore our exciting and fascinating world.

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Aqua Quest International – Copper Ore Wreck 2014

Aqua Quest Films and crew members from Aqua Quest International, bring you inside the world of under water Ocean Exploration.

About Us

70% of our planet is covered by Oceans and Seas.

It is projected that the monetary value of the shipwreck resources lost beneath the sea, after some three thousand years of seafaring, exceeds the total value of the the worlds currencies as they exist today.


Aqua Quest International is an Ocean Exploration and Archaeological Recovery Corporation headquartered in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Sine the first submersibles were utilized in the late nineteenth century, man has been exploring and exploiting ocean resources, and reaping the bounty the oceans provide. Advanced technology is making undersea search and recovery in both deep and shallow water environments more practical and more cost effective.

Archaeological Recovery combines the Scientific Method of traditional archaeology with the bottom line business of shipwreck salvage. Aqua Quest believes the goals of shipwreck research and shipwreck archaeology are best served within a dynamic model of business and entrepreneurship. Captain Robert Mayne, Aqua Quest CEO invites you to explore our web site and join in the Aqua Quest Adventure.

Aqua Quest International Inc, a private sector for profit corporation is dedicated to the search for, and archaeological recovery of the worlds lost shipwreck resources, recovery of sunken copper ore, recovery of the worlds only source of real 100% Mahogany wood, and many other recovery opportunities.

Capt. Mayne has formed a world class research team consisting of the most experienced and sought after professionals in the business. His team of archeologists, historians, archivists, researchers, genealogist, remote sensing specialists, and world class dive team are what make Aqua Quest International the worlds most experienced archeological discovery and recovery company.

Aqua Quest has partnered with the Florida Institute of Technology. Aqua Quest trains FIT students and uses them as interns to keep costs down.  The Aqua Quest fleet are the official research vessels for Florida Institute of Technology.

Wrapped up in all of this adventure is a humanitarian effort along side the discovery and recovery effort in some of Aqua Quests projects. Capt. Mayne has implemented the hiring of local villagers to assist with projects, offering a generous profit share to the Moskito Indians, and helping these remote villagers build a sustainable environment. His passion for life and love of people is the driving force behind each humanitarian relief effort and has become a part of the Aqua Quest business model.

Our adventures have been captured by film and are archived for future use in a documentary about the adventurous projects of Aqua Quest and the life of a deep sea archeological dive team. Dramatic footage of divers uncovering lost archeological treasures from hundreds of years ago, salvaging tropical hardwood logs, political entanglements, getting caught in a shark frenzy, and so much more. We invite you to enjoy our video clips and pictures of the adventures of Aqua Quest.