Captain Robert Mayne

Chief Executive Officer / Director

Capt. Mayne holds a 100-ton Masters License from U.S. Coast Guard and has over twenty five years experience in shipwreck salvage and archaeological exploration. Since 1977 Bob has also held a multi-engine aircraft pilots license. From 1996 to 2009 Bob was a Project Manager for North Caribbean Research (NCR), an archeological recovery company holding research and exploration permits from the government of the Dominican Republic. While working for NCR, Capt. Mayne was instrumental in the recovery of experimental and rare nineteenth century cannon (carron guns) that were discovered near the small town of Buen Hombre on the North coast of the Dominican Republic.

Stephen Mayne

Chief Operating Officer / Director

Stephen is an experienced diver and passionate ocean explorer from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Since his first underwater adventure with brother Bob’s scuba tank in the bathtub at age 5, he’s been on a quest to discover the many fascinating and unsolved underwater mysteries. Stephen has spent many hours aboard and below the RV Aqua Quest in the Dominican Republic, Florida, and the Bahamas on various projects locating, salvaging and carefully preserving shipwrecks and their artifacts. He has also spent many years traveling worldwide as a Project Manager ensuring project completion to specification on-time, safely and within budget.

Dr. Robert Baer

Chief Archaeologist / Director

Dr. Baer is a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA). He has authored three books on maritime archeology and has participated in over 200 archeological projects in the last ten years. He has a Graduate Diploma and the Master of Studies degree in Professional Archeology from the University of Leicester, U.K. He has conducted both marine and terrestrial environments specializing in Compliance Archeology. He is a graduate of the Center for Advanced International Studies, University of Miami and holds a Doctorate in Public Administration and Public Policy from Nova Southeastern University, where he wrote his dissertation on the history of Cultural Resource Management in Florida.

Eugene Lyon, Ph.D


Dr. Gene Lyon is a noted and well respected shipwreck historian and archivist. Dr. Lyon received his Ph.D from the University of Florida and later published his doctoral dissertation on Pedro Menendez de Aviles with the University of Florida Press, entitled, The Enterprise of Florida: Pedro Menendez de Aviles and the Spanish Conquest of 1565-1568. Lyon’s research in the Archives of the Indies in Seville led to his later relation with Mel Fisher and Treasure Salvors, Inc. It was through the research of Gene Lyon that Mel Fisher found the location of the Atocha and Santa Margarita shipwrecks in the Marquesas Keys, southwest of Key West, FL.