Board of Advisors

Stevenson Weeks

Consulting Attorney

Steve has extensive experience in Admiralty and Maritime Law. Steve files all Admiralty claims for Aqua Quest International and consults AQI on Admiralty and Maritime Law.

John Lux

Securities Attorney

John is an attorney, stock market analyst and author. Graduate of NYU with a B.S. in Quantitative Analysis and received his J.D. from Maryland School of Law. As an expert in Securities Law and published author of several books, John has become a recognized speaker. John Serves as Securities Attorney and Advisor to Aqua Quest International.

AJ LeBlanc

Marketing Consultant

An entrepreneur, AJ has acquired interests in numerous companies in multiple industries. His diverse business experience has made AJ a popular conference speaker on marketing strategies and a monthly contributing writer in several publications.

Michael McCabe

Film Director and Cinematographer

Michael started his photography career in the fashion industry capturing some of the most beautiful people in the world and highly recognized published magazines such as ELLE. His work took him to some of the worlds most exotic locations which inspired him to transition into documentary films. Michael captures the adventures and uncovering history of the  Aqua Quest International team with his amazing talent behind the camera.

Mark Allender

Historian/Archival Research

Holds a Masters Degree in Anthropology from UF with his academic concentration included the history and archaeology of Spanish Colonial Florida, and the maritime history of 16th century Spain. Mark directed a team of professional archival researchers in Seville, Spain documenting 16th and 17th century Spanish Ship loss.

Xiomara Moya Téllez

Nicaraguan Compliance Advisor

Xiomara was born in León, Nicaragua.  Her family relocated to Managua following the revolution where she has lived ever since.  She studied accounting at UCA (Universidad Centroamerica), and spent 16 years in the Departmento de Tesoréra (Treasury Department) of Walmart’s operations in Nicaragua.  Among other responsibilities, she was tasked with overseeing cash reconciliations and defending audits to the regional headquarters of Walmart Mexico-Central America. For the past 5 years, she’s worked as an independent advisor to both public and private entities on local regulatory compliance matters, licensing, permitting and export protocols in a number of different business sectors. She has excellent working relationships with many Nicaraguan government ministries including INTUR, MINSA, INAFUR, MAG, MARENA and ALBA Forestal. For approximately one year, she advised the head of sales at ALBA Forestal on documentation and export issues, and remains highly respected there.  Xiomara also works closely with local shippers, freight forwarders and custom’s brokers.  Her export experience ranges across a wide spectrum that includes agricultural commodities, forestry products (including CITES permitting requirements), manufactured goods and even helicopters.  She has, and will continue to provide local regulatory compliance, permitting, licensing and export advice and assistance to AQI’s operations in Nicaragua.

Engelbert G. Hernandez

Director Latin American Promotions

Holds a Bachelors of Science in Eco-Tourism and Conservation. Engelbert joined AQI to learn about echo-sounder for ocean floor research for an archeology recovery project coupled with the Venezuelan NAVY and to promote AQI’s research and vision within Latin America.

Terry Armstrong

Geographic Information Systems/Mapping Expert

Terry’s expansive career includes industrial and salvage diving on multiple projects. His love of the diving let him to become Publisher of Signum Ops Books. Terry served twelve years Director of Information for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Dept. and worked as a GIS analyst.

Brandon Josef Szinavel

Historian/Archival Research

Brandon Josef Szinavel was born in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Brandon served for 2 years for the Family History in the LDS Church, studying micro films, researching documents, assisting Patrons in their search and perfecting his profession. He had the privilege of meeting Dr. Eugene Lyon and continuing to pursuit the years of research- BrandonSzinavel worked on the following:

  • Lawsuits of the Heirs of Christopher Columbus 1999-2008, the genealogy, heraldry, titles of notable conquistadors. 
  • 1999 to present with colonial Spanish families in Puerto Rico.Worked together with members of the Instituto Dominicano de Genealogía on Spanish families who settled in the island of Hispanola from 1496-1820s.
  • Co-Worked with Dr Eugene Lyon since 2000 and researched the genealogy of Adeltando Don Pedro Menéndez de Avilés’s genealogy and kin, parish records in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Saint Augustine, Florida, South America, as well as military, titles, knighthoods and the records in the Archives of the Indies in Seville.
  • 2009 Szinavel worked on a gold chalice which had a coat of arms and resulting it being founded off the shipwreck of the Santa Margarita and the discovery known as “The Atocha” plus ownership to the chalice.
  • 2012 Brandon Szinavel and Doctor Eugene Lyon wrote an article that is in included in the new book “The Voyages of Ponce de Leon: Scholarly Perspectives” (FHS Press) compiled and edited by James Cusick and Sherry Johnson.
  • In 2013 Szinavel had identified Spanish exiles that made it to the Southern Philippines and found their ancestry in Spain.
  • In 2014-204 Szinavel worked on data on and documenting shipwrecks with Dr Eugene Lyon. They have identified over 100 wrecks throughout the world and of numerous nations and as well pirates too.