Board of Advisors

Patrick Lizé

Historian/Archival Research

  1. Conceptor and archives researcher for the research of the French East Indiaman Prince de Conty, lost on the coast of Belle-Ile en Mer in 1746. Publication: Article In “La mer pour mémoire”, Michel Lhour, (scientific publisher). Somogy Editions d’Art, 2005.
  2. Conceptor and archives researcher for the location of the French ship Les Droits de l’Homme lost in 1796 in Britanny, France. Publication: “Le naufrage du vaisseau les Droits de l’Homme” in Michel Lhour (Editor): “La mer pour mémoire”, Somogy Editions d’Art, 2005.
  3. Publication of «Répertoire de naufrages», prefaced by Mr E.Taillemite, Chief Curator of the Archives Nationales, Paris. (Summary of ship stories lost in the coast of France)
  4. Conceptor and archives researcher for the location of the VOC ship Banda lost in Mauritius Island, 1605. Publications : Dumas, Jacques, «Fortune de Mer à l’Ile Maurice», Jacques Dumas et Atlas Film, 1981; «Etudes et Sport Sous-Marin» N° 58; «Chronique d’Histoire maritime» n° 9,
  5. Conceptor and archives researcher for the discovery of the pirate ship Speaker, lost in 1702 in Mauritius Island.

Publications: – Lizé, Patrick, The wreck of the pirate ship “Speaker» in “International Journal of Nautical  Archaeology”, June 1981.Lizé, Patrick , La véritable Histoire du Pirate Bowen, Glénat, 1987. Lizé, Patrick, ( Cartoon): “John Bowen” – Les pirates de l’Océan Indien.Glénat, 1983 X marks the spot, the archaeology of piracy – Ed Skowronek & Ewen, 2006

  1. Conceptor of the project of research of the French Admiral ship l’Orient sunk by Admiral Nelson in 1798 in Aboukir Bay, Egypt, in collaboration with the French Navy and Jacques Dumas.

1985-1996. Chief researcher for the European Institute of Nautical Archaeology (IEASM). Director Franck Goddio.

  1. Conceptor and archivist of the project Griffin, English Eastindiaman lost in 1761 in the Philippines, in collaboration with the IEASM and the National Museum of Philippines. Publications: Goddio, Franck, «XVIIIth century relics of the Griffin», Manila, 1988; Goddio, Frank «Griffin, on the route of an Indiaman», Periplus publishin London, 1999; Jay, Evelyne, The “Griffin”, in “International Journal of Nautical Archaeology”, 19, 1, 1999.
  2. Conceptor and archivist of the project Royal Captain, English Eastindiaman lost in 1773 on Royal Captain shoal, China Sea, with the IEASM and the National Museum of Philippines.

Publications: Goddio, Franck, Discovery and archaeological excavation. Manila, 1988; Goddio, Frank «Royal Captain, Un navire perdu dans les Abysses», Periplus Edition, 2000; “Dossier Histoire et Archéologie”. N° 113, 1987; “Le Monde de la Mer” N° 31.

  1. Publication of «Epaves d’or. Les secrets des trésors sous la mer» edited by JC Lattès. Conceptor and archivist of the project San Diego Spanish galleon sunk by the Dutch in the Philippines in 1600, with the collaboration of the National Museum of Philippines. Publications: Catalog of the exhibition San Diego «Treasures of the San Diego», Paris, 1994; « Times Magazine », nº 43, october 25th 1993; «Figaro Magazine», 9 mai 1992 and 7 mai 1993; « National Geographic », July, 1994; « France Magazine » 1996; «Plume» n° 11, 1996.
  2. Conceptor of the project for the research of the Temple of Isis, Cleopatra, Alexandria and Herakleion in Aboukir, managed by Franck Goddio (IEASM) and the National Museum. Publications: “Figaro Magazine”, 9 June 2000; “Le Monde” 7 June 2000; “Pelerin Magazine” n° 5321; “L’Express”, 29 Juin 2000; Goddio, Franck «Trésors engloutis d’Egypte» IEASM publication, 2003; Goddio Franck, André Bernand «L’Egypte engloutie : Alexandrie», Tana editions, 2002.
  3. Historian for the search of the admiral ships Régent and Cordelière sunk in the bay of Brest, Britanny, in 1512, under the direction of Max Guérout, Director of the GRAN. Publications: Guerout, Max, “La Cordelière”, Paris, 2003.

1995-2010. Chief archivist of Odyssey Marine Exploration, Tampa, Florida

1998-2003. Contracted by the Ministry of Culture of Portugal, under Dr. Francisco Alves, chief of the IPA/ CNANS, to make the archaeological map of the underwater heritage of Portugal, Azores and Madeira. 2000. Publication of «Le naufrage des Portugais» (Lizé Patrick & Blot Jean-Yves) Chandeigne Edition, Paris,  2001.

  1. Conceptor and archivist of the project of the SS Republic, Civil-War steamship sank in 1865 off the Georgia coast and discovered by Odyssey Marine Exploration.
  2. Published a chapter on the loss of the pirate ship Speaker (1702) in “X marks the spot”, the Archaeology of piracy”, edited by Russell K. Showronek and Ch.R. Ewen, University of Florida.
  3. Archivist for the Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes, Spanish ship lost in Atlantic in 1804 and discovered by Odyssey Marine Exploration
  4. Conceptor and archives researcher for the discovery of HMS Victory, lost in 1744 in Atlantic off the Channel islands. Exploration made by Odyssey Marine Exploration.
  5. Conceptor and archives researcher for the SS Mantola, British-flagged steamer sunk in 1917 in the North Atlantic and discovered by Odyssey Marine Exploration.
  6. Archives researcher for the project of research of the Portuguese Carrack Conceiçao, sunk in 1621 off Portugal in collaboration with the IST / ISR ( Instituto Superior tecnico/Institute for Systems and Robotics) and the ICEA ( Instituto de Cultura Europeia e Atlantica)
  7. Conceptor and archives researcher for the SS Gairsoppa, British cargo steamship sunk in 1941 in the North Atlantic and discovered by Odyssey Marine Exploration.
  8. Conceptor and archives researcher for the discovery of several ships lost in the Baie des Saintes,Guadeloupe and found by Prepasub.

2013 – 2014 Author of “Naufrages de légende, les pirates” Editions du Trésor, 2013.Author the article “Memories of the sea” published in the coffee-table book “Shipwrecks around the world – Revelation of the past”, Delta Book World, 2014.

2014 – Conceptor and archives researcher for the discovery of the SS Connaught, lost in 1860, by Endurance Exploration Group

Emmanuelle Lizé

Historian/Archival Research

Emmanuelle has over 20 years’ experience in maritime research, having absorbed her father’s passion for shipwrecks as a child and, later, through working with him. Emma has carried out independent research for legends such as Henri-Germain Delauze (Comex) and Franck Goddio (IEASM), has written several books on shipwrecks, marine archaeology and piracy, and was the chief archivist behind the Museum U Palazzu di Napoleone Emma also acts as the business manager for her father, Patrick Lize, who was the archival researcher behind the discoveries of the Speaker, the VOC Banda, the Temple of Cleopatra in Alexandria, the Royal Captain, the Griffin, the San Diego, the SS Republic, the SS Gairsoppa, the SS Mantola and the HMS Victory, working with Jacques Dumas and diving firms such as IEASM and Odyssey Marine Exploration.


D.E.L.E (Diploma: Spanish as a foreign language). Cervantes Institute

Top Diploma of EHESS (Social Science High School) – Section: sociology, psychology, social anthropology

BTS Business Communication (ISCOM, Paris) with distinction

DEUG LCE English – Spanish (Sorbonne-Nouvelle, Paris)

‘Baccalaureate’ L-Series (Saint-Sulpice School, Paris) with distinction


Underwater archaeology historian, archivist, negotiations

COMEX (Henri Germain Delauze) –

Odyssey Marine Exploration –

Franck Goddio / WWF- –

SEATEC (Pim de Rhodes) –

Max A. Mikhaylov –

BVI Scuba Dive (Christopher Juredin) –

Subsea (John Kingsford) –

Cosmix (Luc Heymans) –

Arqueonautas (Nikolaus Graf Sandizell)

Maritime Explorations (Michael Flecker)

RMP Nautical Foundation –

Frontier Sealand Research Foundation (Remedio Villanueva)

10994 Ltd (England)

Anthony Dyakowski (Vancouver)

Oceanus Marine LLP (Julien Mignonac / Guy Zajonc)

IDSS Ltd (Jean-Christophe Peyre)

Endurance Exploration Group (Micah Eldreh)

John Adam & Alistair Fairhead (Grenada) …


French mother tongue

English fluent

Spanish fluent

Russian intermediate

German read and understood

Portuguese read and understood

Italian read and understood


Computer science : Windows 95/98/2000/XP/7/8/10 & Mac OS. Microsoft Office Pack, Adobe Suite,

Web, FTP, TCP/IP, Unicenter TNG, Lotus Notes 5, CRM Clarify, networks, hardware, Html, Unix, AS400,

HP3000 / HP9000

Hobbies : History, psychology, guitar, piano, poker, competitive horse riding, deep-sea diving

Writings / Edition : Author of “Naufrages de légende, les pirates” – Editions du Trésor, 2013.

Author the article “memories of the sea” published in the coffee-table book “Shipwrecks around the world –

Revelation of the past”, Delta Book World, 2014.

Finalization of a coffee table book in two volumes (400 pages each) documenting more than 10 000

shipwrecks in the coast of France and its seas.

Interview – article about E.L work in EOS magazine des Sciences, march-april 2007

Steve Maddox

Director of Media Projects

Steve Maddox, president of BopEm Entertainment LLC, started his career in Los Angeles as an actor studying under numerous acting coaches including Stella Adler. Performing in local L.A. theater led to various movie roles and television roles, including appearances on The Young and the Restless and General Hospital. He made the move to sales as a way to supplement his acting income, eventually deciding to fully transition to the business side of the entertainment industry.  He became the Division Manager of syndication sales for Orion Pictures Television, which eventually took he and his family to Atlanta. His next move was to Columbia Pictures Television (Sony Entertainment) where he excelled over the next 25 years, becoming the Executive Vice President of Sales. Steve oversaw the entire Southeast region, which included the Dallas and Atlanta markets. The list of television shows(over 500) and movie(4,000 titles) packages he distributed in his time at Sony are too numerous to list. Some of the most recognizable titles include Who’s The Boss, Married with Children, Designing Women, Walker Texas Ranger, King of Queens, Rules of Engagement, and Seinfeld.  Shows such as The Donna Reed Show, Father Knows Best, Sanford & Son and All in the Family are part of the world’s largest studio library.  He also distributed many first-run shows for Sony Pictures Entertainment which included game shows, court shows and talk shows. This list included The Ricki Lake Show, The Donny and Marie Show and, most recently, The Queen Latifah Show and The Dr. Oz Show. Steve’s current projects include a movie adaptation of a book he has the rights to, as well as numerous new television projects. Many of the shows he has in development are currently being reviewed by networks, cable outlets and broadcast groups.

Anthony P. Loiacono

Director of Marketing

Named “Top 100 Marketing Executives” by Advertising Age, Tony Loiacono has vast experience in three unique realms of Sports, Entertainment and Corporate Business. Known as a consummate brand builder and television producer. Loiacono has synergistically weaved together his brand-driven approach with award winning campaigns for a multitude of both product and service oriented Fortune 50 companies as well as his personal endeavors

Loiacono began his career in Detroit with Robert Landau Associates in 1978, working on a variety of marketing/sales promotion and sports marketing programs, including new product introductions and on-going marketing support for such clients as Ford Motor Company, Ford Parts & Service Division, Motorcraft, Carnation and Nabisco. Loiacono coordinated regional marketing efforts for Burger King and Miller Brewing Company in both the Midwest and Western regions. Additionally, Loiacono was responsible for development, planning and implementation of all aspects of sports marketing for Ford and Ford Parts & Service Division including programs with Major League Baseball, the Sarajevo Olympics, National Basketball Association, The Breeders Cup, National Cheerleading Association, and FILA. Working with Ford also enabled him to become a specialist in affinity marketing programs, collaborating on vehicles with such well known names as Eddie Bauer Bronco II (first affinity vehicle by Ford), Pierre Cardin Lincolns and the FILA Thunderbird.

Heading to Los Angeles in 1984, Loiacono founded the full-service integrated communications division for Foote Cone Belding/FCB, working with clients such as Sunkist, Denny’s Restaurants, Orion Pictures, Orion Home Video, MCA Records, Fancy Feast Cat Food and the California Milk Advisory Board. Loiacono was responsible for all client strategic planning, new business solicitation, creative, database development as well as design and media platforms. He also headed up the management/marketing evaluation of Chrysler California before becoming a strategic partner and 2nd stage manufacturer.

In 1987, Loiacono was named Sr. V.P. General Manger of FCB/Impact in Los Angeles and Philadelphia providing a full range of marketing/sales promotion/advertising and sports marketing support for a full range of clients including Mattel, Universal Pictures, Universal Studios (Hollywood and Florida), MCA Universal Home Video, Disney, and Ashton-Tate, among others. Loiacono built FCB/Impact from inception to billings of nearly $11 million annually. During his stay with FCB, he founded the National Hockey League’s Celebrity All-Star Hockey Team with Richard Dean Anderson and John Bennett Perry, for which he has been Executive Director since its inception in 1986 raising nearly $5 Million for charities.

In 1990, Loiacono left FCB to begin the brand management-marketing platform that is still used today at The Upper Deck Company. While at The Upper Deck Company, Loiacono was credited with pulling the company off the pages of the hobby publications and making it a cogent force in the sports marketing arena. He was also credited with the NHL, NFL, NBA license negotiations and player agreements with Michael Jordon, Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky, Shaq and more. For his efforts, which helped increase revenues from under $18 million to more than $300 million, Loiacono was named by Advertising Age (1992) one of the Top 100 Marketing Executives in the world.

Currently, Loiacono serves as the President/CEO of Heads & Tails, Inc, a digital technology focused agency Over the past 4 years, Tony has been developing software solutions and services for easy to use digital media and digital signage solutions for mobile, desktop and web integration. Solutions to detect, connect and engage customers supporting live and on-demand media combining digital technology with innovative creative and content services. Clients include: Cisco, Verizon, Vodafone, Ford and PG&E. Loiacono is also the Creator, Executive Producer and Writer of Animal Planet’s hit show Faithful Friends on Animal Planet and syndicated in over 70% of the U.S.A.

Loiacono is recognized for creating hard-hitting marketing programs that marry fresh and creative ideas to unique marketing visions, untapped channels of communication, technology and superior levels of design and production . . . from the printed page, to television, big screen or the Internet . . . and the cell phone! Loiacono lives in Bonsall, California, with his wife of 32 years, Lori. He has four children and five grandchildren. He enjoys an active lifestyle of boating and outdoor activities and raising funds for charity.

Michael McCabe

Film Director and Cinematographer

Michael McCabe started his film career as cinematographer on the feature film “This is Congo” documenting the mineral conflicts in Eastern Congo.  The film was premiered at the Venice film festival.  His next project was as cinematographer on an episode of the Netflix series, “Abstract, the Art of Design”, set in the jungles of Congo.  His directorial debut was on the film, “50 Days” documenting the world’s longest triathlon.   Michael’s next project is as the writer and director of a feature length, dramatic film set in Africa.

Stevenson Weeks

Consulting Attorney

Steve has extensive experience in Admiralty and Maritime Law. Steve files all Admiralty claims for Aqua Quest International and consults AQI on Admiralty and Maritime Law.

John Lux

Securities Attorney

John is an attorney, stock market analyst and author. Graduate of NYU with a B.S. in Quantitative Analysis and received his J.D. from Maryland School of Law. As an expert in Securities Law and published author of several books, John has become a recognized speaker. John Serves as Securities Attorney and Advisor to Aqua Quest International.

AJ LeBlanc

Marketing Consultant

An entrepreneur, AJ has acquired interests in numerous companies in multiple industries. His diverse business experience has made AJ a popular conference speaker on marketing strategies and a monthly contributing writer in several publications.

Mark Allender

Historian/Archival Research

Holds a Masters Degree in Anthropology from UF with his academic concentration included the history and archaeology of Spanish Colonial Florida, and the maritime history of 16th century Spain. Mark directed a team of professional archival researchers in Seville, Spain documenting 16th and 17th century Spanish Ship loss.

Xiomara Moya Téllez

Nicaraguan Compliance Advisor

Xiomara was born in León, Nicaragua.  Her family relocated to Managua following the revolution where she has lived ever since.  She studied accounting at UCA (Universidad Centroamerica), and spent 16 years in the Departmento de Tesoréra (Treasury Department) of Walmart’s operations in Nicaragua.  Among other responsibilities, she was tasked with overseeing cash reconciliations and defending audits to the regional headquarters of Walmart Mexico-Central America. For the past 5 years, she’s worked as an independent advisor to both public and private entities on local regulatory compliance matters, licensing, permitting and export protocols in a number of different business sectors. She has excellent working relationships with many Nicaraguan government ministries including INTUR, MINSA, INAFUR, MAG, MARENA and ALBA Forestal. For approximately one year, she advised the head of sales at ALBA Forestal on documentation and export issues, and remains highly respected there.  Xiomara also works closely with local shippers, freight forwarders and custom’s brokers.  Her export experience ranges across a wide spectrum that includes agricultural commodities, forestry products (including CITES permitting requirements), manufactured goods and even helicopters.  She has, and will continue to provide local regulatory compliance, permitting, licensing and export advice and assistance to AQI’s operations in Nicaragua.

Engelbert G. Hernandez

Director Latin American Promotions

Holds a Bachelors of Science in Eco-Tourism and Conservation. Engelbert joined AQI to learn about echo-sounder for ocean floor research for an archeology recovery project coupled with the Venezuelan NAVY and to promote AQI’s research and vision within Latin America.

Terry Armstrong

Geographic Information Systems/Mapping Expert

Terry’s expansive career includes industrial and salvage diving on multiple projects. His love of the diving let him to become Publisher of Signum Ops Books. Terry served twelve years Director of Information for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Dept. and worked as a GIS analyst.

Brandon Josef Szinavel

Historian/Archival Research

Brandon Josef Szinavel was born in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Brandon served for 2 years for the Family History in the LDS Church, studying micro films, researching documents, assisting Patrons in their search and perfecting his profession. He had the privilege of meeting Dr. Eugene Lyon and continuing to pursuit the years of research- BrandonSzinavel worked on the following:

  • Lawsuits of the Heirs of Christopher Columbus 1999-2008, the genealogy, heraldry, titles of notable conquistadors. 
  • 1999 to present with colonial Spanish families in Puerto Rico.Worked together with members of the Instituto Dominicano de Genealogía on Spanish families who settled in the island of Hispanola from 1496-1820s.
  • Co-Worked with Dr Eugene Lyon since 2000 and researched the genealogy of Adeltando Don Pedro Menéndez de Avilés’s genealogy and kin, parish records in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Saint Augustine, Florida, South America, as well as military, titles, knighthoods and the records in the Archives of the Indies in Seville.
  • 2009 Szinavel worked on a gold chalice which had a coat of arms and resulting it being founded off the shipwreck of the Santa Margarita and the discovery known as “The Atocha” plus ownership to the chalice.
  • 2012 Brandon Szinavel and Doctor Eugene Lyon wrote an article that is in included in the new book “The Voyages of Ponce de Leon: Scholarly Perspectives” (FHS Press) compiled and edited by James Cusick and Sherry Johnson.
  • In 2013 Szinavel had identified Spanish exiles that made it to the Southern Philippines and found their ancestry in Spain.
  • In 2014-204 Szinavel worked on data on and documenting shipwrecks with Dr Eugene Lyon. They have identified over 100 wrecks throughout the world and of numerous nations and as well pirates too.